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Mixing Engineer

No matter where you live in the world, you can have your music professionally mixed by me, Steve Cass. I donít have any awards, nor would my client list impress you! But if you like the finished product you hear at the Solid Walnut Music Song Catalog page, as all of the songs have been mixed by me, then youíll like my work for you.

Please take a look at my discography page. Iím getting better with age :-) I am very interested in being the one you choose to mix your record after all your hard work. The passion that I carry for my own songs will carry over into your project. It doesnít matter what style of music you have. Your songs will be crafted and made to shine and honed to be the finest that my ears can produce. I can mix and deliver individual songs or an EP or an entire project. Please check out the Studio Equipment page to see the list of gear.

Iím especially interested in helping out my fellow Christ followers. If I may, let me be a part of the team that helps you craft a winning sound.

Mixing Rate

$250 per song, five versions if desired (vocal up, vocal down, TV, radio, instrumental). Once you are satisfied with the basic mix, any other requests beyond these five would be considered a preference and might require the overtime rate of $50 per hour. Multi-song rates will be quoted if needed when you submit the Mixing Questionnaire.


Does your project need overall direction? Do you need advice from A to Z on how to produce a record, or need to know all of the ins and outs of getting the job done? Do you have a producer directing the recording sessions but need another producer for all of the song licensing and/or product replication details? I could be your guy.

Producer Rates

Submit the Producer Questionnaire and Iíll get a quote to you. Rates are determined per request.


Do you need a guitarist or a vocalist? Iíd be happy to play and sing on your tracks. I love creating harmony tracks for songs! Listen to some of my work at the Solid Walnut Music Song Catalog page to see if youíre interested.

Musician Rates

$100 per song, three track maximum per song. $50 per extra track. Multi-song rates available. Fill out the Musician Questionnaire and tell me what youíd like me to record, and Iíll contact you with a detailed quote.

For any questions at all, please fill out the questionnaire forms (links at the left side of this page). If you have any general questions that can't be answered by the forms please contact songs at solidwalnut dot com.

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