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Audio Services FAQs

Solid Walnut Music audio production has evolved from a project studio primarily involved with the creation of my songwriting demos to include mixing and outside project production. I don't offer demo creation services,but I'd be glad to help if you are in need and will take the requests on a case-by-case basis. If you're ever in AZ, let me know and you can come here and record!

The primary purpose for this page is to try and answer any questions in regard to preparing your work for submission. In addition, I want to answer any questions you might have as to the nuts and bolts of how all of this works.

Iím especially interested in helping out my fellow Christ followers. If I may, let me be a part of the team that helps you craft a winning sound. If there are any questions that aren't answered here or via the Questionnaire submission, please contact me at songs at solidwalnut dot com.

What services do you offer?

Mixdown engineering for your completed recording projects (please fill out the Mixing Questionnaire form), producing (project management) for your in-process recording projects (please fill out the Producer Questionnaire form), and musician services (guitarists/vocalist) for your in-process recording projects (please fill out the Musician Questionnaire form). All Rates are found on the Audio Services home page.

While I am not offering demo creation services at this time, I'll be happy to listen to any project requests you might have. Please fill out any of the Questionnaire forms found at the links on the left and leave comments for any questions that aren't covered by the forms.

What audio file protocols can I send you? What audio files will you send me?

You can send just about any DAW type of project and I can convert it for use in my Windows Pro Tools system. But, a Pro Tools format is highly desired so nothing is lost in translation. I'm sorry, but I can't process Apple Pro Tools projects and .aiff files at this time.

If you were to simply send me raw .wav files, I can build a mix from this, but this changes the scope of the project. Your design intent might not translate to the final mix. Be sure to give details in the Mixing Questionnaire form. Send any reference files as a .mp3, .ra, .mov or .wav file. You can burn a CD and send it, or burn and send Masterlink CD24 two-track files.

If I send a mulitrack project to you from recordings I've made, it will be in a Pro Tools format. I can always send individual .wav and/or high quality .mp3 files to you, however. I can send updates and final two-track mixes of your project by uploading a high quality .mp3 or .wav files or by burning and sending you a physical CD or a Masterlink CD24 disc.

I won't return a re-converted multitrack mix back to you in any format. I will only send two-track mixes to you.

What files need to be transferred?

For mixing projects, the best scenario is that you will send me a complete folder with all pertinent Pro Tools files inside. There's no need to .zip up the folder. When I send you the upload link, you can simply upload the folder to a certain location. Easy and fast. Also upload any notes and reference songs into that location.

How do I transfer files to you?

I'll communicate with you during the process. Basically, I'll be sending you an email with a link for you to follow so you'll be able to log in and upload files from your computer to our cloud service.

How secure is my data while being transferred?

Your security and privacy are taken very seriously
  • All transmission of file data and metadata occurs over an encrypted channel.
  • Files stored on the cloud server are 256-bit AES encrypted.
  • No users can in any way intercept your files without authorization.
  • Your data is distributed over several large-scale data centers using Amazon Web Services, Amazon S3.
  • Amazon uses military grade perimeter control berms, video surveillance, and professional security staff to keep their data centers physically secure.
  • Amazon S3 provides protection against network security interference such as packet sniffing, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and Man in the Middle (MITM) attacks.

    What kind of file preparation do you require?

    For everything and anything that you send, I need a note with detailed instructions on the description of each file (.doc, docx, .txt, html, .whatever!). For mixing projects, I'll need detailed notes on what you want to have accomplished and a reference song or two.

    I'm using Pro Tools LE 8.0.5. Here is a link to the Avid Knowledge Base with a detailed description of Pro Tools Session Compatibility and Interchange information. If you have any doubts, let me know and I'll help sort it all out.

    If you are sending straightforward .wavs or .mp3s for a mix, the only preparation necessary is a note describing each file in detail AND a very detailed note describing the desired outcome of the mix! Give basic details now in the Mixing Questionnaire.

    What can I expect from mixing?

    You can expect a commitment to quality first and foremost over quantity or speed. When you send a request, I need to know the timeframe; the window of time you have with which to work. Quality will take the lead in decision making. Sonic excellence and feel for the music is the priority. It's all about the groove; it's all about the song.

    You'll send me notes as to how you envision the mix to turn out, and I'll do my best to make it so. The direction that a song takes needs to be determined before or as it's being recorded. Design Intent. If you have created your song(s) with Design Intent, then send me detailed notes as to your thoughts. That way I can deliver what you expect, and hopefully higher than what you expected. But if you honestly did not give thought on the production design intent during the recording process, the song may have MY intent as the final result. We'll stay in touch during the process so you can hear updates as we go.

    What forms of payment do you accept?

    At this time, PayPal is the only form of payment accepted. Please create/login to your PayPal account and send payments to solidwalnut21 at cox dot net. All Rates are found on the Audio Services home page.

    I don't see my answer here. Now what?

    If you don't see an answer here, just fill out one of the Questionnaire forms (links on the left side of this page) and give comments, or send an email to songs at solidwalnut dot com.

    Content Last Updated: 11/20/12
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